Strawberry Diesel CBD Refill Cartridge

Strawberry Diesel CBD Refill Cartridge

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The Anytime Hybrid is a strawberry diesel terpene infused Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil which is perfect for any situation to balance out any day!

KURED's 500mg cartridges contain 40% Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, which permits KURED to be sold at ANY non-cannabis licensed retailers throughout the United States! Each 500mg cartridge pesticide-free hemp extract, and botanically-derived organic terpenes. These three carefully selected terpene profiles differentiate KURED's 3 flavor options; "Relax" - OG Kush" Indica, “Energy" - Pineapple Express " Sativa, and "Focus - Strawberry Diesel" Hybrid. KURED's coveted terpene partner Eybna, based out of Israel, provides terpenes which precisely mimic the taste of OG Kush, Pineapple Express and Strawberry Diesel cannabis strain phenotype. 

-Strawberry Diesel Terpene infused

-Lab Tested, Certified Broad Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD oil

-500mg cartridges 

-Refill Cartridge, Standard 5/10 Thread 

-GMP/ISO Approved 

-Glass Tank/Ceramic Tip 

        * Refill Cartridges are not for use with Kured disposable vape pens 

        * Battery not included  

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