ALT Hemp Extracts is a Dallas, TX based CBD product manufacturing company, which uses Colorado grown hemp derived CBD distillate & isolate formulations.

The seasoned ALT team infuses the beneficial properties of the hemp plant to a variety of products, including a topical pain cream, roll-on cooling gel, tinctures, soft-gel pills and gummies.

Delta Xtracts, LLC is based in Dallas, TX, and comprised of top class seasoned engineers, chemists, and executive management of the cannabis industry.

After successfully tackling theTHC and Hemp markets in multiple states, the DX Team is now leading the Delta 8 industry.

Kured CBD

KURED is a socially-minded lifestyle Full Spectrum hemp derived CBD company founded to help pave the way CBD is viewed internationally.  KURED is the future of CBD!

Keef Cola

Keef Hemp-Infused Classic Soda is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract containing naturally-occurring CBD.

Fresh CBD Beverages

Drink Fresh Bev, LLC is a premier hemp-infused beverage company aiming to balance the body with our team electrolyte enhanced water and ease the mind with our proprietary sparkling tea blends.